In a global world, business mobility depends on the speed with which decisions can be made quickly and appropriately.

To meet the needs of our clients, supporting them in their investment initiatives here in Bulgaria and overseas, too, we
maintain a network of partners – law firms or individual law practitioners who share the same professional and ethical

We value our affiliation and responsibility, which allows us to be in an environment with trusted colleagues and friends
who have jointly established the requirements for quality and a high level of professionalism in serving our clients.

Sazdov & Petrov Law Firm is a partner in CEE Attorneys, an international network of law firms in Central and Eastern Europe that closely cooperate in cross-border cases seeking resolution in one or more jurisdictions. CEE Attorneys’  partner law firms have a clear code of work based on high standards and principles, ensuring prompt communication,
transparency and predictability in the provision of service, keeping in mind the dynamics of modern life.

CEE Attorneys and Sazdov & Petrov Law Firm have recently become part of the Interact Law family. Interact Law is a large international group of lawyers who assist entrepreneurial clients in their international ventures at every stage of their international development: from the first step, merger or acquisition, covering all legal and tax aspects, or assisting a business in crisis. Relying on trusted colleagues who have collaboratively built quality and affiliation requirements, our clients take advantage knowing that they will receive the same high level of service, professionalism, generosity, and commitment throughout our network.

Alexander Sazdov, Managing Partner of Sazdov & Petrov, is a member of Just One, an international network of lawyers primarily in Europe that emphasizes the close contact between its members. Communication in an informal environment and close friendship allows for close collaboration, working tables and sharing of information far beyond the formal relationships common to the business.